KVD Technologies Electricity Exhibits Complete Power Demonstrator
KVD Technologies Electricity Exhibits Electrical Conductor/Insulator

Electrical Conductor/Insulator


An electrical circuit is constructed containing a battery and a LED light. The circuit is incomplete and needs to be “closed” to conduct electricity and switch on the LED light. To close the circuit and ensure a flow of electricity you are supplied with four acrylic tubes. Each tube contains an item or a material which can either be an insulator or a conductor of electricity.

Complete Power Demonstrator


Demonstrates the process of generating power, load balancing and the effects power demand by displaying numerical values.

KVD Technologies Electricity Exhibits Energy Saving Traffic Lights

Energy Saving Traffic Lights


Incandescent lamps on the left consumes more electric energy than the light emitting diodes (LEDs) counterpart on the right as illustrated by the meters.

KVD Technologies Electricity Exhibits Generate for Colour

Generate for Colour


By turning the handle, electricity gets generated which powers up colourful lights, demonstrating that moving a magnet relative to a coil generates electricity.

Power Usage Demonstrator


Power consumption is measured by filling two kettles to different levels with water and getting it to boiling point.

KVD Technologies Electricity Exhibits Power Usage Demonstrator

Series Parallel Diagram


Resistance in series values add up to the total resistance of the circuit.  Resistors in parallel present a lower resistance than any one of them individually.

KVD Technologies Electricity Exhibits Series Parallel Diagram

Transformer Principle


Illustrates how a transformer works.  Electricity is converted into magnetic energy and then coupled magnetically to a secondary coil.

KVD Technologies Electricity Exhibits Transformer Principle

Transformer Step Up Step Down


Illustrates how a transformer step up or step down to change voltage according to the demand.

KVD Technologies Electricity Exhibits Transformer Step Up Step Down

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Energy Saving Traffic Lights