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KVD Technologies Chemistry Exhibits Smelly Human Battery Viscocity


KVD Technologies Chemistry Exhibits Smelly
KVD Technologies Chemistry Exhibits Human Battery

Human Battery


Sweat from human hands acts like acid in a battery producing a chemical reaction with the copper plate and with the aluminium plate.  The two hands create different charges - one positive and one negative.  The difference in charges produces an electrical current which becomes evident on the volt meter.



This exhibit identifies sense of smell by releasing different odours by squeezing the bottles.

KVD Technologies Chemistry Exhibits Viscocity



The exhibit contains four acrylic tubes which contain fluids with different viscosities. Inside the fluid are glass marbles. The higher the viscosity of the fluid in the tube, the slower the movement of the marbles.

Buggy Ball


Officially “Bucky Balls” are referred to as Fullerenes or the C60 molecule. This molecule consists of 60 carbon atoms, arranged as 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons the same shape as a soccer ball. This makes C60 the most symmetric molecule. The NZG display is a play frame in the shape of C60 molecule. Information boards will inform children or parents about the significance of the design. The Discovery Center Museum in Rockford, Illinois, USA, shows the interactive display

KVD Technologies Chemistry Exhibits Buggy Ball
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