KVD Technologies Educational Puzzles Clock
KVD Technologies Educational Puzzles Colour Matching Tortoise

Colour Matching Tortoise


The triangles in the middle are fixed, the hexagons are loose and have to be placed next to the matching triangle. An additional hexagon is provided to cover the centre; the tortoise can then be used like a memory game.

Clock Puzzle


Each number on this clock is in a different shape. Building this puzzle helps with shape recognition and shows where the numbers are positioned on a clock. 



The dots of the ladybird are all slightly different; recognising these small differences is a step towards letter recognition which has to be mastered before learners can start to read. Age 5.

KVD Technologies Educational Puzzles Ladybird

One to Ten


Colourful bars of different lengths in a frame assist with the first steps of addition and subtraction. Age 5-7.

KVD Technologies Educational Puzzles One to Ten

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