KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits 3D Mirascope

3D Mirascope


A 3-D Mirascope creates a hologram image that looks 100% real, but you can’t touch it. The object seems to be there, but when you try to touch it, your fingers go right through it. The frog is placed in the centre of the concave mirror which then causes the object to be instantly projected up to the viewing circle. The frog can be seen from any angle and appear to be floating in mid air..

Bent Mirror Convex/Concave


A distorted mirror creating unusual reflections.

KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Bent Mirror Convex Concave

Dizzy Viewer


While looking through the reflector, left becomes right.  The objective is to try to walk by placing your footsteps on the feet marks of the exhibit.

KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Dizzy Viewer

Fiber Optic Data Transmission


By the press of a button data is transferred from one point to another via fiber optic cable.  The  modulated laser is visible in a spot where the sheath has been removed.  The laser modulation can clearly be seen in the lower enlarged simulation of the fiber optic principle.

KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Fiber Optic Data Transmission
KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Head on a Plate

Head on a Plate


This exhibit demonstrates Optical Illusion.  Enter the opening at the back into the compartment and put your head  through the hole in the table. This creates the illusion that your apparently disembodied head is sitting on the table.


KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Infinity Mirror

Infinity Mirror


An object placed between two facing mirrors will be reflected infinitely between the two mirrors. 

KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Laser Loops

Laser Loops


Different patterns can be created with laser by changing the speed of 3 spinning mirrors.

KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Pepper's Ghost

Pepper's Ghost


An illusionary technique where using a plate glass and special lighting techniques, objects seem to appear or disappear.

KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Telescope Viewer

Telescope Viewer


This exhibit demonstrates the working of the lenses in a telescope. When the top laser is activated the light shines through the first lens. The light is diverted downwards to project onto the second lens. When the bottom laser is activated the light shines through the first lens. The light is diverted upwards to project onto the second lens. The second lens diverts the light parallel to its original path onto the eye.

KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits White and black waves stroboscopic effect

White and Black Waves


The rotating drum with its Black and White lines enables one to observe the moving strings.  "Now you see it - now you don'f"  This is called stroboscopic effect.  The changing tension on the strings, a visible change in the speed of the strings will be observed.  If the drum rotates at the right speed, it can "freeze" the movement of the strings..

KVD Technologies Optics Exhibits Laser Loops

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3D Mirascope